How to choose diamond Engagement Rings in Westchester County

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There are four main things that you need to consider when choosing diamond Engagement Rings in Westchester County. The first is the cut. The cut is the only aspect of the diamond that is not influenced by nature. This will determine the shape and sparkle of the diamond. The cutting process also determines how the light exits and reflects (fire). The diamond should therefore be sized and angled correctly such to achieve the best possible brilliance. The most common shape you can expect to find is the round cut, although other options are available including the princess, the marquise, the emerald and the pear among others. You may want to have a look at all these options if only to ensure that you have explored all your possibilities.

The clarity of the diamond is another consideration to keep in mind when choosing an engagement ring. This occurs naturally, and can be seen through a magnifying glass called a jeweler’s loupe. You should be able to see “inclusions” that look like feathers or clouds. These are usually not visible to the naked eye, but can affect the fire of the diamond. This should not be such as a big consideration since they are not visible unless under a magnifying glass. All you need to ensure is that the stone has a high grading.

The color is something else to take into account. The most rare and valuable color is white but appears colorless. The color grading for diamonds begins from “D”, which is the most valuable and moves up to “Z”. There is a subtle color range between “D” and “Z”. There are also diamonds called fancies that have a very distinct and strong color although these are very rare and hard to come by.

Lastly, you want to consider the carat. This is the measure for size and weight of a diamond. Most diamonds found on engagement rings range from half a carat to one carat. One carat is the equivalent of 200mgm or 0.2gm. You can find a huge variety of Engagement Rings in Westchester County. Their wide selection and favorable pricing should help you pick out the perfect choice.

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