How to Choose Between Satellite and Cable TV in Des Moines

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Companies like Big Dog Satellite have been around for years now. From satellite TV to cable, they offer number one service, and have many packages to choose from. Many people have a hard time choosing which service is the best one for them. There are commercials galore that compare cable to satellite, and each of them claims to have the best services, packages, and rates. If you are confused as to whether you want satellite TV or cable tv in Des Moines, read on for some tips that will hopefully help you to make the right decision. Get in touch with Big Dog Satellite for more details.

The first thing you might want to do before deciding between satellite and cable tv in Des Moines, is to contact the local cable and satellite providers and compare prices. This should run you anywhere from $15 for basic and up to $100 for premium packages. Keep in mind when you are comparing prices that there will probably be additional charges for extra equipment and services, such as DVR’s, HD, and other services.

Next, you will want to check out the channel lineup in the packages that each provider has. You will want to decide what combination of movies, TV, sports, and other channels are right for your family’s needs.

You need to ask your satellite company if they carry your local channels. Unlike cable, some satellite companies don’t have the capability to offer you local channels.

When making your decision be sure to take into account the fact that while satellite might offer you a better picture, cable doesn’t go out as often when storms hit your area. You also need to take into consideration that with satellite you will have to have a dish in your yard that has to be pointed south in order to get a signal. If you have trees or power lines blocking that signal, then you will run the risk of having interference.

You will want to ask about package deals with both providers before you make any type of final decision, and make sure that there are no hidden costs that could come back to bite you a few months down the line.

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