How Professional Pest Control in Fullerton Benefits Homeowners

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

California provides the ideal climate for hundreds of insect and animal species, and urban sprawl is eliminating many of their habitats. More bugs and rodents are invading homes, resulting in a greater need for professional Pest Control in Fullerton. Experts, such as Southern California Exterminators, are helping find solutions to the problem, by offering services that include:

*   EXPERT INSPECTIONS: Skilled technicians know that the first step in eliminating pest problems is to identify the type that have invaded each home. Professionals are trained to understand the living, eating, and nesting habits of hundreds of creatures. This allows them to locate every insect or rodent nest. They check crawl spaces, attics, basements, walls, and the grounds around homes, among other areas. Once they identify the infestation type, they create a plan of action.

  PROFESSIONAL REMOVAL: As part of Pest Control in Fullerton, exterminators tailor methods to the problems. They often set traps or bait for rodents; and may need to return several times to completely remove all pest problems. Technicians might need to wear protective gear and use special equipment to remove bees, especially dangerous varieties. In some cases, they need to remove parts of walls, if nests have been built in them. Professionals try to use the safest methods possible during the removal process, and often choose “green” products, especially for termite problems.

  DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Most rodents, many insects, and almost all termites, will damage homes. Exterminators note structural damages during their inspections, and then report them to homeowners. Problems can include frayed wiring, damaged insulation, and weakened wood. Some termites even harm the foundations of buildings.

  EDUCATION: Modern exterminators partner with clients, and educate them about how to avoid future pest problems. This process may include referring customers to websites, such as, for more information. Technicians typically identify areas on properties and in homes where pests can gain access, and then seal them. In addition, they will show customers how to remove food and shelter sources that attract insects and rodents.

Modern exterminators are trained to efficiently locate and eliminate hundreds of rodent and insect pests. They can also provide customers with assessments of pest damages, and help them avoid future infestations.


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