How Is Teeth Whitening in Holmes Carried Out on Your Teeth?

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

So many people these days are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. They want to look their best and a big part of that means having their teeth look their best. If your teeth are stained and yellowed, you will not feel as attractive as you could with beautiful white teeth. To improve the appearance of your smile, it can help to have Teeth Whitening in Holmes. Through this whitening procedure, your teeth will look better than ever before and you will feel more confident than you ever thought you could.

What Happens During Your Teeth Whitening in Holmes?

When you first come in for your whitening procedure, the dentist will need to make sure your teeth are clean. Through cleaning your teeth, this will allow all traces of plaque and food to be removed so the whitening solution will be able to fully penetrate your teeth. Once your teeth are completely clean, the dentist will begin the procedure to whiten them The whitening process begins with the dentist carefully painting each of your teeth with the Hydrogen Peroxide whitening solution. Once all of your teeth have been coated, the dentist will cover your teeth with a plastic guard. This keeps the solution on your teeth and prevents you from swallowing any of it.

The time the solution sits on your teeth will depend on your level of staining and on the type of whitener your dentist is using. Most treatments do not take over an hour from start to finish. Once your teeth have been whitened, the dentist will remove the solution and then polish your teeth. The polishing action brings out the whiteness of your teeth and makes them shine. To keep your teeth white between visits, the dentist will provide you with an at-home protocol treatment to use so you do not begin to experience staining again.

Through a Cosmetic Dentist, your teeth can be whitened and all of the stains can be removed. To learn more about whitening treatments and how they can improve your appearance and confidence, visit Aldan Family Dental. They can treat all of your family’s dental needs.


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