How Hard do Criminal Lawyers in Bellingham WA Work for Their Clients?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Criminal lawyers in Bellingham WA offer legal services to clients who are involved in some sort of pending case that involves an allegation of criminal behavior. The attorney in question often represents the person who is being accused of that crime. At all times, the goal is to make sure that the client receives fair treatment from the court, and enjoys the best possible counsel before, during, and even after the trial.

When the Client is Innocent – When the client assures that attorney of his or her innocence, the attorney will utilize all means possible to find evidence to that effect. This can include securing the services of a private investigator to help gather the necessary evidence. The attorney will also conduct interviews with parties who have some connection with the case. By the time the matter comes before a judge, the attorney will have prepared a defense that is designed to ensure all the facts are brought before the court, and that the innocence of the client is made clear.

When the Client is Guilty – Criminal lawyers in Bellingham WA are sometimes called upon to represent clients who admit that they are guilty of the charges leveled against them. In this scenario, the focus of the defense is to present the court with all the facts about the situation, including the motivation behind the client’s criminal actions. The goal is to ensure that the judge and jury understand exactly what led to the commission of the criminal act. This is important, especially if the client does not have a record of any prior criminal activity. By presenting all these details in a court of law, there is the possibility of obtaining some degree of leniency from the court.

When successful, the defense makes it possible for the judge to pose a sentence that is among the least punitive allowed by current laws. The bottom line is that the attorneys with the Bratlien Law Firm will work hard for the client, regardless of the circumstances. At the end of the day, their work is always aimed at making sure all evidence is presented in a balanced manner, and that their clients get full consideration from the court before a sentence is passed. If necessary, the attorneys are also capable of filing appeals that provide a second opportunity to prove the innocence of their clients.

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