How Does Your Doctor in MO Keep You Well During Cold and Flu Season?

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

During cold and flu season, it can be difficult to keep yourself well. There are so many cold and flu viruses going around during these months and it is important to know when you simply have a minor cold virus and when it is something more serious, like an infection or the flu. This information can help you to be proactive in receiving the medical care you need from the Doctor in MO. This will help to ensure you see your doctor and get the medical treatment you need, so you can fully recover.

What are the Symptoms You Should Not Ignore?
Everyone knows what it feels like to get the sniffles. Most of the time a simple cold is nothing to be concerned about. It will simply run its course and you will recover. If you have had a cold and then begin to experience pain and pressure in your sinuses and a foul odor in your breath, you could be suffering with a sinus infection. People are more prone to these infections after they have been through a cold. If you feel pain and pressure in your sinus areas, make sure you are checked by the Doctor in MO, so you can be assured you are treated properly.

Colds typically do not cause you to run high fevers. If your temperature is over 101, this could be a sign you either have the flu virus or an infection. High fevers can be serious and should not be overlooked. Your doctor will be able to test you for the flu virus, as well as see if you are experiencing any form of infection. If you have an infection, you will need to be treated through an antibiotic.

Lingering symptoms, like cough and sore throat should also not be ignored. Any symptom that continues to plaque you for weeks on end could mean a sign of a serious medical condition. It is important you never overlook your health. Through routine medical examination and checkups, you can help your body to stay healthy. To schedule an appointment for your health screening, contact Missouri Delta Medical Center today.


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