How Does the Dentist in Massapequa Put a Crown on Your Tooth?

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The stability and strength of your teeth is extremely important in how well they function. If your tooth becomes unstable, because of injury, cavities or infection, you could face losing your tooth. To help prevent tooth loss, the dentist may make the decision to place a crown over your tooth. A crown completely covers all of the visible areas of your tooth, protecting and strengthening it, so you do not experience further damage or loss. Through the Dentist in Massapequa, your tooth can be fully protected and more structurally sound.

What Happens During Your Dental Appointment to Get a Crown?

When it comes times for you to receive your crown, the dentist will simply numb the area with a local anesthetic, so you do not feel any pain. Once numb, your tooth will need to have an impression made of it. This impression will allow for a perfect crown to be created in the dental lab. In most dental offices, an outside lab creates the crowns, but you may have the benefit of an on-site lab at your Dentist in Massapequa. If your crown is created in an outside lab, you can expect to be sent home with a temporary plastic crown, until you receive your permanent crown.

The shaping process will prepare your tooth to be able to receive the new crown. If you are having a metal alloy crown, you will not need to have as much tooth removed. If you will receive a porcelain crown, the tooth may need to be peg-shaped and made much smaller, so it can receive the crown over it. Your dentist will make the decision on how your tooth will need to be shaped and what you can expect.

To make sure your crown stays in place for many years, the dentist will use a special dental cement. This permanently bonds your tooth to the crown, so there is no room for food to get into the spaces between the tooth and crown. Once in place, your tooth will be protected and much more stable.

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