How Does Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville Treat Your Child’s Cavity?

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

No parent wants to hear their child has a cavity. You worry about the health of your children and do all you can to make sure they stay healthy. As a child, poor oral health can cause problems with the adult teeth. This can lead to the adult teeth coming in decayed or malformed, which can lead to extensive and permanent problems. If your child has a cavity, prompt treatment, through Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville is crucial. The sooner your child’s cavity is treated, the less likely he or she will suffer with permanent damages to the adult teeth.

What are the Common Symptoms of Cavities in Children?

* White spots on the teeth

* Brown or darkened areas on the tooth surface

* Pain

* Sensitivity when eating sweets or consuming hot or cold foods or beverages

How Does the Dentist Treat Your Child’s Cavity?

The treatment required for a cavity will depend on your child’s age and how severe the decay is. Most cavities will require a filling, while severely damaged teeth may require further treatment. Fillings can be made from different substances and used according to your child’s needs. There are amalgam fillings (silver) and glass ionomers (white). Your child may also receive a filling made from resin, depending on the degree of damage in the tooth. Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville will work to find the perfect filling, to ensure the tooth is protected and no longer is prone to damage.

To fill the tooth, the dentist will numb your child and then begin removing any decayed areas of the tooth. Removing the diseased areas stops the progression of decay and helps to prevent further damage. This removal process leaves behind an opening that must be filled. The dentist will use the chosen material for filling and make sure the tooth is completely sealed and protected.

If your child has been complaining of sensitivity and pain in his or her tooth, this could mean a cavity is present. To schedule an appointment with the dentist, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville right away. They will be glad to treat your child’s tooth and keep his or her smile healthy.