How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work Best?

September, 2016 by

If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself an electronic cigarette, you’re not alone. Lots of people have come to enjoy the flavor and social benefits of vaping with or without nicotine. However, the better quality electronic cigarettes are still pieces of equipment that take care and maintenance in order to remain in good operating condition. Clean and maintained units last longer, give more flavor and clouds, and don’t leak or spill. Keeping your unit clean gives you the best electronic cigarette experience.

When to clean?

Even though vaping is much cleaner than smoking analogs, you still have some buildup in the tank and coil. Electronic cigarettes work best when they are clean. If you don’t want to clean every time you change your juice, you should clean when you notice that you’re not getting enough vapor, or that something tastes off, or you get a mouthful of juice instead of vapor. If you look at your coil – the part of your vape that heats the juice, it might look… well… pretty grody. Grungy. Just gunked up. Are the sides of your tank clean and clear? Then it’s time to break it down and clean it up.

Prevent Bacteria

Keeping your electronic cigarette clean also helps with keeping bacteria and fungi in check. You can always switch coils every time you change juices, but if you vape heavily, cleaning with alcohol is more wallet friendly. Cleaning the tank and mouthpiece with hot water and dish detergent or wiping with alcohol will prevent flavor cross contamination and not let the aforementioned fungi and bacteria grow. Some units may have a particular way the manufacturer recommends for cleaning, for others you can find tutorials. Talk to your local vape shop about the best way to clean your particular unit.

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