How Does a Jail Bond in Atlanta Work?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

For people who have never had a brush with the law other than a traffic ticket, being arrested can be an extremely difficult situation. Fortunately, there is a good chance of being granted the opportunity to make bail. When this is the case, it is good to know that obtaining a Jail Bond in Atlanta is possible. What is a Bond? Many people are confused when they hear that someone just posted bond. What this means is that a judge has reviewed the specifics related to the arrest and determined the individual does not pose any real threat to society. Rather than have the individual remain in custody until his or her court date arrives, the judge sets a specific amount of money that can be tendered to the court in exchange for freedom until that court date.

This is where the concept of a Jail Bond in Atlanta comes into play. Not everyone has the cash on hand to pay the amount set by the court. The solution is to contact a bonding company and work with an agent who is willing to pay the minimum amount ordered by the court, and effectively pledge that the arrested individual will return to the court on the specified date and time. In exchange for this service, the agent will receive a fee. That fee is usually a percentage of the total bail set by the judge. This fee is not returnable and serves as the means of compensating the bonding agent for taking care of the bail arrangements.

Failing to Appear Once the court date arrives and the individual appears in court, the obligation of the bonding company is considered fulfilled. In the event that the individual does not show up for his or her court date, the court notifies the bonding company of the failure to appear. The bond agent will then take steps to locate the client and deliver him or her to the court. People who have never been arrested may be intimidated by the idea of working with a bonding agent. By taking a moment to visit website, it is much easier to understand how the process works. With a little luck and the right agent, it is possible to be free on bond, focus on hiring an attorney, and prepare for the court date.

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