How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Topeka KS Help Your Finances?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Dealing with more debt than you can afford is difficult in many ways. The harassing phone calls and letters can fill you with stress and leave you feeling hopeless. If you have tried to get out of your debt, but are finding it increasingly difficult, there is help available. Through the help of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Topeka KS, you can be rid of your debts, so your financial future can be more stable. This information will assist you in understanding the process of filing for bankruptcy and how it can benefit you.

What Happens When You File for Bankruptcy?

When you first attempt to file for bankruptcy, you will need to meet with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Topeka KS. The lawyer will need to see your bills, how much money you make and the property and assets you own. This information will help to decide what type of bankruptcy will benefit you the most.

When filing for bankruptcy, all of your debts must be listed. It does not matter how little or how much you owe, they must be listed in your bankruptcy. If they are not included, you will be held responsible for the debt and can be pursued in any legal manner possible. Your attorney can greatly assist you in making sure all of your debts are included.

Depending on your type of bankruptcy, it could last from six months to five years. During this time period, your creditors are not allowed to contact you or pursue you for the debt you owe. Even if you are behind on your mortgage, you cannot lose your home. You will pay down your debts during this period, so you do not have to experience any further collection actions for the debts you owe.

For more information on the types of bankruptcy available, click here to investigate. Visit and allow them to give you more information on how bankruptcy has helped millions of people to overcome their debt. Contact them today and allow them to schedule your consultation appointment, so you can learn if bankruptcy is a good option for you.