Hire a Good Auto Accident Attorney in Brooklyn, NY For an Effective Court or Out of Court Settlement

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are victim of an auto accident or if you are injured because of any types of accidents such as pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents or truck accidents, you should consult an experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Brooklyn, NY to help you fight for your rights. According to the Statute of Limitations (SOL), after a certain period of time, you will not be eligible to claim for compensation. It is important you commence your legal proceedings before the SOL expires.

Injury Settlement

Personal injury facilitates victims to recover monetary damages and makes sure all the medical expenses of the victims are taken care of. A settlement done out of the court is generally faster than the trial process in the courtroom and victims receive the compensation when they actually require it. In such cases, the responsible party can also save money or else they had to pay court charges and attorney fees too. Therefore, a settlement out of court is beneficial to both parties.

However, you should contact a qualified auto accident lawyer to determine whether proper court case or an outside settlement is advantageous for you. Your main objective is to get the rightful amount of compensation. Ensure you do not finish up getting a slighter amount when settling the case out of trial. Therefore, it is essential to leave the responsibility to your lawyer and follow his or her suggestions.

When Out of Court Settlement is Beneficial for You

It may not be a good idea to go with the out of court settlement if you have sustained severe injuries and damages. It may be difficult to calculate the amount of compensation you should fight for. Small accidents that do not involve huge amounts of compensation can be adequately settled without a trial

When settling your car accident claim outside the court, do not follow the other party blindly; just take note of their offer and then explain to your auto accident lawyer. If your lawyer feels that the offer is a good one, then take it. Never do the blunders of consigning with the responsible party or the insurer without discussing it with you lawyer. Even when choosing court settlement, both parties should follow the state settlement laws. For more information about injury settlement, contact the Law office of Siler and Ingber.