Hip Hop Jewelry – More than Just Diamonds and Dazzle

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hip-hop-jewelry-diamond-jesus-piece-face-pendant-10k-gold-113ct_1Jewelry plays a significant role in hip hop culture. Meeting at the crossroads of displaying wealth and reminding the wearer of times past – good or bad – the complexities of this role are deeper than many assume. Hip hop jewelry pieces can mark significant events, represent specific people or ideals, or just be for sheer fun and enjoyment after a lifetime of struggle and hard work. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the styles these artists favor and why they like them so much.


The cross necklace is an excellent example of hip hop jewelry culture. While many people may see the religious symbol and perceive it at face value, many rappers and other artists use the “Jesus piece” as both a status symbol by cramming their statement pendants with diamonds and other precious stones, as well as a reminder of where they came from. The related religious symbolism harkens back to the imagery they were likely exposed to as children and young adults in the traditionally religious black communities they grew up in, and may also serve as a reminder of how far they have come from the times of their youth. Jewelers often market their most stunning cross pendants and accompanying chain necklaces to these customers.

Rings, Watches and More

Hand and finger jewelry is another important component of this culture. While focal pieces such as pinky rings have always been popular among male jewelry wearers, other statement jewels are gaining favor in the hip hop community as well. From bracelets and watches with gorgeous, bedazzled displays to muted styles meant to remind rappers of special people in their lives, artists, their followers and fans alike are enjoying the look of hand and arm jewelry with increasing frequency.

Whatever style a shopper chooses, what matters most is the motivation for wearing the piece. Whether it’s to send a message, to let others know who and what is important to you, or simply to show off your hard-earned wealth, few things are as synonymous with rap and hip hop culture as the fabulous, flashy and often meaningful jewels these performers wear.

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