Hair Salons in Louisville KY and Spa Packages

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Modern hair salons no longer cater only to hair and nails. Some salons are full-service and provide spa services including facials, massage therapy, makeovers, hair removal (waxing), and packages for a day of beauty or a special occasion. The following will describe the spa package treatments you can expect from full-service Hair Salons in Louisville, KY.

Spa Day Package

A basic spa day will begin with a relaxing body massage in a comfortable, tranquil environment. Once you are relaxed, you will enjoy a facial to get rid of impurities in your skin. The next treatment is a manicure so your fingernails will look well-groomed and healthy. You cannot neglect your toes and feet, so your manicure will be followed by a spa pedicure. Finally, you get to end your experience with the professional application of makeup.

Beauty Package

Just like the basic spa day, you start your day with a relaxing massage and facial. After these treatments, you get a break to enjoy a gourmet lunch with your choice of tea or coffee. Next, you will have a manicure with hot oil treatment followed by a spa pedicure. An additional treatment with this package that is not included with the basic spa day is a shampoo and hair-styling service before you end your day with professional makeup services.

Ultimate Package

Just like all the spa packages you start your ultimate day spa package with a body massage. After your massage you will enjoy a skin glow body buff. Once you are relaxed and buffed, you will take a break for your gourmet lunch with champagne. Following your lunch break, you will have your facial, manicure with hot oil and paraffin wax treatments and spa pedicure. Your ultimate spa package experience ends with a shampoo, hair-styling service, and professional makeup application.

These are a few of the spa packages you can expect from quality Hair Salons in Louisville, KY. You can also choose from the many spa services provided by The Chopping Block Day Spa & Salon for a custom package suited to your needs. You can mix and match facials and skin care treatments, hair treatments, massage therapy styles, manicure and pedicure treatments, hair removal, and cellulite treatments for your custom spa day.

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