Gutters in Colorado Springs Protect a Home’s Siding and Foundation

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Home Improvement

Gutters are an important part of every roof installation. They collect storm-runoff and channel it away from the siding and foundation. If the Gutters Colorado Springs are not cleaned and maintained properly, then water will drip on the siding in the same location for weeks or months. This can erode the siding material and allow water to seep into the structure of the home. Not only does it weaken the structural integrity of the home, it can allow mold, mildew and other dangerous bacteria to take hold. When water is allowed to drain into the soil near the foundation, the wet soil can push against the foundation and cause it to crack.

To avoid this problem, Gutters Colorado Springs should be inspected each year after the harshest weather season. For the Colorado region, this means that each spring a roofing contractor should inspect the roof and gutters. When he examines the gutters, he should make sure that the gutters are properly attached to the roof or eaves. This allows the water to run seamlessly from the roof to the gutters. He then should make sure that there are no leaks in the gutters. Usually gutters will leak at the seams that join gutter segments. Downspouts are an important component to the gutter system, because they carry run-off away from the foundation. The contractor needs to inspect them and make sure that they are attached properly to the gutters. The bottom portion of the gutter needs to transport run-off at least 18 inches from the foundation.

Peakview Windows and Siding roofing contractors can also offer custom seamless gutters. The side of the house is measured and then the gutter length is made on the site. Gutter material is fed through a machine that forms the needed gutter length. The only seems that remain on the gutter are where it turns a corner or meets a downspout. This reduces the chance that a leak can occur at a seam. The gutters can be made in many different colors to coordinate with the trim and siding. The contractor can also add a leaf guard to eliminate the need for annual gutter cleanings.

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