Give Your Baby A Chance At Life With Adoption In Norman

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

6837339_lBecoming a parent can be a time filled joy and new experiences, but it also comes with countless physical, emotional and financial responsibilities. Complete accountability for every aspect of another person’s life can be overwhelming for anyone, especially if you’re not ready to be a parent. If you find yourself facing unplanned parenthood, and you feel you are unable to provide for a child, consider adoption in Norman. Despite knowing your baby will have a chance to live the life he deserves by placing him with an adoptive family, handing him over to complete strangers is a scary thought. You probably have a number of questions and concerns plaguing your mind.

How do you know your baby will be placed with a trustworthy family?

Upstanding adoption agencies, like Deaconess Adoption Services, screen all potential adoptive families before determining if they are eligible to adopt a child. Applicants are interviewed, their homes are assessed, they are subjected to extensive background checks and their financial records are scrutinized. Representatives from the agencies even observe how members of the families interact with each other. Families must also must attend parenting classes before being deemed eligible to adopt. The agency’s goal is to ensure their adoptive families can offer everything your child needs.

Can you meet your baby’s adoptive family?

Yes, if you want to. Your adoption agency will find a family who is willing to meet and talk with you. You won’t be forced to meet them, though, if you choose not to.

Will you be involved in your child’s life after he is adopted?

Yes, if that is your wish. If you want to be involved in your child’s life, the adoption agency will find a family who is willing to allow it. Perhaps you want to see your child grow up without actually being involved; the agency can make this happen as well. If you do not want any form of contact with your baby after the adoption takes place, that is completely up to you. No one will judge you, and no one will force you to do so.

Every mother considering giving her baby up for adoption is in a unique situation, and you have your own worries you want to address. Speak with someone from an adoption agency to answer any questions you may have and to decide if Adoption in Norman is the right choice for you and your baby.

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