Getting Your Disability Via a Social Security Attorney in Chico, CA

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Lawyers

If you are trying to get your disability benefits and you are becoming bogged down by all the complicated paperwork and red tape, that is sadly not at all unusual today. It can seems like it takes years to get anything accomplished when it comes to the Social Security Administration, but that is really only true for those who don’t have the skilled help of a Social Security Attorney in Chico, CA. Click here for more information.

The reason that you are ready to hire a social security lawyer may be because of repeated denials of your benefit claim, or it may be because you realize how difficult these cases are to get approved and want to start out on the right foot by having a professional handle it. Nearly anyone, regardless of why they are applying for social security benefits, will derive benefits from hiring an attorney to help, especially in terms of the speed with which the case will be resolved.

The acceptance rate for attorney guided social security administration benefit applications is far higher than the acceptance rate for people who try to do their own paperwork. This is partly because of the fact that the paperwork is so complicated that it is all too easy to miss some minor point and then have the whole application denied. Your attorney knows exactly how to make sure that every single area of the application is filled out according to the letter of the law and will make sure that you get the very best chance for a first time approval.

If you need to get an old social security benefits application approved, your attorney can help with this as well. If you have been denied before but you are clearly eligible to receive social security benefits, your Social Security Attorney in Chico, CA can even file for past due benefits for you. From the date that you were first eligible to receive the benefits, you can get compensated retroactively in a single lump sump once you get approved. You can call social security attorneys at Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law to get your case started today.

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