Getting an Ice Block In Long Island, NY

October, 2014 by Alma Abell

If there is one thing that you can never have enough of at a party, it is ice. There is a reason why some poor sap always has to make a run in the middle of a party: someone did not get enough ice to begin with. The thing is, when you are getting ice for a party, you need to get it for a variety of things. While you need it to put into drinks, you also need it to keep canned and bottled beverages cold as well. While the ice you get at your local store is going to keep bottles and cans cold, the ice cubes also melt pretty quickly. If you are talking about a hot day, you could go through a large amount of ice just keeping drinks cold. This is why you need to consider another option when it comes to keeping items cold: ice blocks.

Your best bet for keeping bottles and cans cold for the entirety of the party is to use ice blocks. They take longer to melt than traditional ice cubes, and they don’t “drown” your drinks in warmed water. You can put one ice block on each side of a cooler and line them with soda and “adult” beverages to keep them cold for the party. While you may have to go to a specialty store to get the Ice Block in Long Island NY, they both keep the drinks cooler and are a stylistically better choice for your cooler than the cubed ice.

When you are looking for an Ice Block in Long Island NY, you are going to be looking for a “specialty” location that offers different types of ice. You want to find a location that can give you a variety of different sizes of ice blocks, as you are not going to necessarily need the biggest one that they offer. As you do your search, you want to check out what Long Island Ice and Fuel can offer you. They have the blocks that you need for your party, both for keeping items cold, and for making ice cubes with.