Getting A New Smile With Dentists In Tulsa

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People have various complaints about dental devices. A major complaint is that partials slip, and feel uncomfortable. Some say that dentures are uncomfortable, and they cannot taste their food. Dental technology has come up with something that makes dentures more appealing. There is a new device called the “Strickland facelift denture.”

Dentists Tulsa touts the new device as a non-surgical facelift for their patients. Most people are unaware that the jaw bone breaks down, as teeth are removed. Teeth are attached to the jawbone by their roots. The tooth roots stimulate the jaw bone, and helps to maintain bone tissue. That is why people, who lose all their natural teeth, have a sunken facial appearance. Carletti Dentistry offers the new Strickland denture and will provide a consultation. Visit website for more information. What are the problems with traditional dentures? They sit on top of the gums and fail to perform any of the functions of natural teeth. Dentures do not replace any neuromuscular function, at all. Facelift dentures stimulate the jaw bone and the patient has a more natural appearance.

Another tool to replace missing teeth is dental implants. Visit Dentists Tulsa and learn all about implants. The benefit of implants is that they look like a person’s natural teeth. First, the dentist surgically places an implant in the jaw. Patients have to heal for about three to six months. Next, the dentist attaches a post to the implant. They make a crown that looks like the natural tooth, and attaches it to the implant post. It takes another two months for the patient to heal from the placement of the crown. Good candidates for dental implants include people who are currently wearing dentures, and people who have suffered some bone loss.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest procedures to improve a smile. Teeth whitening provides a big impact in a short period of time. The dentist applies a high-concentration peroxide gel to the teeth for ten to fifteen minutes. Patients with stubborn stains may require more than one visit. Taking care of the teeth is important, but not everyone does. It is a good thing that there are cosmetic procedures to make up for the loss of teeth, or dental stains, in the past.

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