Get the Top Price on Unwanted Jewelry from Estate Jewelry Buyers Beverly Hills

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Jewelry

11122932_lJewelry has long been considered an investment item. Diamonds and gold have remained valuable and incredibly popular for centuries. Because of the increased value of gold today many people are selling their unwanted jewelry for a large profit. It is easy to be taken advantage of when you are selling jewelry if you are not knowledgeable about what you own and current gold prices.

Finding a company you can trust is the first priority when you have pieces you want to sell. If you have a large amount of jewelry or several exceptionally valuable pieces to sell, you may want to find a company of experts who are estate jewelry buyers Beverly Hills.

Estate buyers are used to handling older jewelry and are experienced in understanding the value of older, vintage pieces. They have a wider range of jewelry knowledge, understanding what the value of many gems and other precious metals are worth. Unlike many gold buyers who are focused only on the price per ounce of gold.

Diamond and Jewelry Buyers of Beverly Hills are estate jewelry buyers in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. They have over 30 years of experience purchasing jewelry from estate sales. All of their transactions are kept discreet to help to protect their customer’s privacy.

Every piece of jewelry is appraised for free before a purchase is made. This way you never need to feel concerned about what you will receive for each piece. You will know upfront what every piece is worth before you agree to sell.

The Diamond and Jewelry Buyers purchase all types of jewelry, in any condition. They are interested in all jewelry whether your pieces are new, vintage or antique. You can sell them whole or bring in damaged pieces or individual stones. They offer two convenient locations, in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and guarantee to pay the best prices around for all of your jewelry.

If you have jewelry you never wear or inherited pieces which do not match your personal style, gather them together and call the Diamond and Jewelry Buyers today. See if it would make more sense to sell rather than let them sit. Contact them today to get your collection appraised for free.

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