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January, 2014 by Alma Abell

In high water areas, many homes can suffer from water entering them and filling basements and lower levels quit often. Having a reliable means of removing this water is essential, to reduce the risk of damage to foundations, the home itself, and any belongings near the affected areas. Most homeowners in the Dayton area rely on sump pumps to accomplish this goal, by removing the water from the area it’s collected in a sump pit by the pump. There are many problems that can occur with this simple system however, including clogs and physical damages that can hinder it’s productivity and effectiveness. Fortunately for homeowners that use these systems, there are reliable companies out there that offer Sump Pump Repair in Dayton, OH.

Sump pumps are simple little devices, and often get neglected by their homeowners as long as they do their function. Most homeowners fail to realize that they need service and cleaning to keep running reliably, and sometimes need repairs to fix problems caused by damaged that has occurred due to poor maintenance. Routine cleaning and maintenance on these devices can not only prolong their life expectancy, but also increase their effectiveness and help them protect your home better. The most often found reason for a sump pump to not be working properly, is the float system. If the float system doesn’t move, the sump pump can’t detect that any water is in the sump pit for it to pump out. Keeping a check on the float device is easy, by visually checking to see if water is standing in the pit. Pouring water down into the pit manually can reveal whether the float rises or not. If any water is standing in the pit, without the pump activating, you may need to hire service for sump pump repair in Dayton OH.

Another common problem with sump pumps can be found in the valve area of the pit. If the pump turns on, but no water has been removed, then the valve itself may be the problem. The valve may need to be replaced, or cleaned, to restore water flow back to the sump pump system. Many companies that offer service and repair for sump pumps also offer advice and information on their websites about the systems. Click here for more information on what you need to know to keep your sump pump system running properly.

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