Get Quick And Reliable Water Mains Repair In Falls Church, VA

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

12908058_lThe worst thing a Falls Church homeowner can come home to after a long day of work, is a flooded home due to a burst water main. Oftentimes this is the most common way a situation like this occurs, due to the busy work schedules people in today’s busy society have. Many relationships involve both partners having a job of their own, meaning they won’t be home 24.7 to catch a problem when it first happens. Even parents are often busy during the day, while their kids are at school, whether they have a job or not. Some run errands during the day, while others may have a part time job or volunteer work that they go to. No matter what the reason, many homeowners will be gone during the day, making it impossible to prevent any damage to their home when a water main bursts.

Due to the risk of not being home when a situation of this magnitude arises, a homeowner should expect a lot of damage to have occurred due to the excess water coming from the water main. Even with prompt Water Mains Repair in Falls Church, VA, there can still be a lot of damage in the home to not just the structure but belongings as well. Even if you’re home when the situation first occurs, a lot of damage can occur within minutes of the pipe first bursting. The pressure alone from the main line can force water into your home at a rapid pace, soaking flooring, walls, and furniture in the immediate area. The only way to cut down on the potential damage, is to cut your water main off at the main valve if you have access to it. This won’t undo any damage already done in your home, but it will help prevent further damage.

Once you’ve turned off your water it’s best to call in an emergency plumbing service, or if you have a service contract you can call in your contracted plumber, and get Water Mains Repair in Falls Church, VA as soon as possible. Restoring your home’s main source of water should be a first priority, but be prepared for it to be costly if the damage is extreme. A professional plumbing service will give you an estimate, unless under a service contract, which can often be costly.

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