Get Help With Your Headaches Through Chiropractic in Westland

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

There are many different types of headaches to cause you pain. Some headaches are mild and others can put you in severe pain, altering the way you are able to function. While there can be many causes of headaches, often pain in the head can stem from issues with the cervical vertebrae. When your neck vertebrae are not aligned properly, this can place pressure on the nerves in the neck and can send pain shooting into the head. When this type of condition occurs, the best form of treatment is through Chiropractic in Westland. A chiropractic doctor can often find the source of your headaches, carrying out adjustment procedures to ease the pain and give you relief from the difficult symptoms headaches can cause.

As a part of the Chiropractic treatment in Westland, the doctor will need to take a health history and ask you about the symptoms your headaches cause as well as the medications and therapies you may have tried, to help with the pain. This can often give the doctor the needed information to start the process of finding out whether or not a subluxation may be the cause of your pain. Subluxations are very common, especially in the neck and can cause a wide array of symptoms, including painful headaches.

Imagine trying to balance an eight pound ball on the very tip of your finger all day, every day. If you can imagine doing this, then you know what your neck goes through in supporting your head. Because of the pressure placed on the bones in your neck, they can come out of alignment. Through injuries, poor posture and even stress, the vertebrae slowly begin to slip out of position, placing undue pressure on the nerves in the neck and upper back. When this happens, you get the symptoms of headaches, dizziness and even disturbances with your vision. Through chiropractic treatments, the bones can be realigned, releasing the pain and pressure.

If you are experiencing chronic headaches, chiropractic may be the answer to your pain. Contact Arbor Crossing Chiropractic Life Center and make an appointment for a consultation today. This will allow you to get started on finding relief from your pain.


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