Get Control Of Your Finances Back With Help From A Bankruptcy Attorney In Wichita

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firm

There is nothing that wears on your peace of mind quite like not being sure how you are going to manage to pay your bills. It can reach the point where you’re not even sure if you can buy enough gas to drive home at the end of the day or food to put on the table for your children. The options available to help you to get control of the situation may surprise you, however. Even if you think that you are a lost cause, you should consult with a Bankruptcy attorney in Wichita to find out more about the legal options available.
For some people, a Bankruptcy attorney in Wichita will simply help to set up a payment plan and credit counseling. This is a good path for people who are not at the point where they owe so much that they are eligible for bankruptcy. It can be a way of simplifying all of the payments that need to be made each month and bringing down interest rates. At The Law Offices of Sarah Newell and Todd Allison, clients even get a discount on the legal fees if they make the payments consistently on time.
If your case is more extreme, you will have to talk to a Bankruptcy attorney in Wichita about your options for an actual bankruptcy filing. Depending on the details of your situation, you may need to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The former is a more complete elimination of debt, but also requires that you give up many of your assets as well. The latter sets you up to pay off much or all of what you owe, but will allow you to keep assets like a home rather than having to sell it off to help meet your debt obligations.
You don’t have to agree to actually do anything specific to get a consultation with a Bankruptcy attorney in Wichita. The initial talks just focus on figuring out what course makes the most sense for you. Whether you decide to proceed is entirely your decision, and you can make that choice based on the information that the attorney provides to you.

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