Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bonding In Branford CT

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bonding In Branford CT

Many individuals have tooth irregularities that they’re embarrassed for other people to see. Individuals don’t have to be ashamed about their smile when they can have their dentist perform a tooth bonding procedure. Individuals should read the frequently asked questions below to learn important details about Dental Bonding in Branford CT.

Why would individuals need to have a dental bonding procedure?

Individuals who want their front teeth to look more attractive often have a dental bonding procedure. Bonding covers up gaps between the teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth and stained teeth. Dentists can also use bonding material, that’s the same shade as a person’s teeth, instead of using metal to fill in a cavity.

What are the steps for a dental bonding procedure?

The dentist first matches the bonding material to the color of a person’s natural teeth. The shade of the bonding material must match exactly so that it blends in with the natural teeth and so that it isn’t noticeable.

Next, the dentist begins the procedure by using a dental instrument to make the tooth’s surface rough. This step is necessary so the adhesive material will bind completely with the bonding material. The dentist then places the bonding resin on the tooth and molds it into the correct position to cover the imperfection.

The dentist then holds an ultraviolet light over the bonding material, which makes it become hard. After this step, the dentist may choose to form or clip the resin even more if necessary.

How long does dental bonding material last on a person’s teeth?

When individuals visit their dentist for Dental Bonding in Branford CT, they can expect the resin to stay on their teeth for approximately ten years. Individuals who take excellent care of their teeth and visit the dentist on a regular basis may have the bonding material on their teeth for many additional years. When individuals have tooth bonding they should never chew on ice, open lids with their teeth or do anything else that can cause harm to the teeth and the dental bonding.

A dental bonding procedure can be performed by a dentist to cover up many different kinds of tooth imperfections. Individuals in Branford who would like to discuss their options for dental bonding can visit and contact the office for an appointment.

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