Fix Your Cavities With Dental Fillings in Wichita, KS

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Dentistry

Some of the worst pain you can feel comes from cavities. This is because a cavity will expose the tooth’s nerve to air, liquids and food particles. Plus, once the cavity has developed long enough, an infection can set in. The combined pain from the infection and the exposed nerve can be devastating, and all you can think about is getting the problem fixed. You have two basic choices at this point. The first is to have the tooth extracted, which is an option of last resort. The second is dental fillings in Wichita KS.

It is generally best to visit the dentist as soon as you realize you have a cavity. These problems are normally discovered with regular visits, but sometimes people get busy with life and skip dental checkups. Usually, when you discover a cavity on your own, it’s because the brush hits a weak spot or you break the tooth with some hard piece of food. At this point, the problem is serious because there may be more work involved along with drilling out the decayed dentin. If the tooth has broken, your dentist may need to place a crown over the filling or even perform a root canal to eliminate the exposed nerve and root pulp.

If infection has occurred, your dentist will need to start a regimen of antibiotics. It is important to eliminate the original infection before beginning serious repairs because of the risk of infection as a result of dental work. Plus, it is difficult for the dentist to make repairs when your gum, jaw or cheek are swollen due to infected tissue. Antibiotic treatments may require seven to ten days to be effective, but they can reduce the amount of pain you are feeling since the infection makes your nerves more sensitive.

While it is true that the best way to avoid Dental Fillings Wichita KS, is to care for your teeth, a cavity can happen to anyone. All it takes is some missed brushing or improper flossing and decay begins to set in. This is the main reason that regular checkups and dental cleanings are so important. Your dentist can catch problems when they are small which can save you a lot of grief.

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