Five Things to Look for When Interviewing Aurora Property Managers

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Real Estate

Hiring a property management company to take care of your rental properties, whether you are a new landlord or have years of experience, can be a daunting task. Before you hire anyone, make sure you get an interview with the person who would be managing your properties. Face-to-face interviews are the best way to weed out managers who are inexperienced, unethical, or only concerned with lining their own pockets. Ask yourself these five questions when interviewing Aurora property managers to make sure you hire the one that has your best interests, and those of your tenants, in mind.

Are They Honest?

Honesty is the best policy in any business, and this is especially true when you are looking for someone who will be handling your money on a daily basis. Ask to see the paperwork you may have to sign immediately, so you can compare what the manager says with what the papers say. If you ask about money and get dodgy answers, or another question, consider someone else. The best manager will be straight-forward about money 100% of the time.

Are They Pushy?

If the manager is trying too hard to sell the benefits of a business relationship with his company, that’s probably not the company for you. Good Aurora property managers should be more concerned about meeting your needs than touting the qualities of their companies. If the manager is overbearing or constantly interrupts you, expect nothing different if you hire him.

Are They Overly Optimistic?

It is nice to be in a business relationship with an optimistic company, but too much optimism should be a warning sign. Look out for impossible guarantees, unrealistic income figures, and indications that the company expects you to do nothing at all (as opposed to substantially less work).

Are They Overworked?

A property manager, or even a property management team, can only handle so many rental properties at once. Find out how many rentals they manage already, particularly if you are bringing a portfolio of ten more properties for them to manage. If each employee already has forty or fifty properties apiece to manage, your rentals may take a back burner at some point.

Are They Experienced?

Getting tenants into a rental property is one of the hardest aspects of being a landlord or a property manager. Experienced Aurora property managers should have the knowledge required to find paying tenants and entice them to rent from you. A property manager with a background in real estate is a must.

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