Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles Delivers Peace of Mind

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

It doesn’t matter whether you need to pack up your valuables during a transition to a new home or workspace or you need them out of the way during a remodeling project, storing higher end items just anywhere can be a costly mistake. That’s why museums, discriminating collectors and galleries all rely on companies that specialize in fine art storage in Los Angeles to safeguard their valuables.

Why Seek Out Specialists?

High end works of art, such as paintings, sculptures and antiques pieces of furniture, are highly susceptible to the elements. Standard storage facilities just aren’t equipped to make sure stored works of art get the TLC they deserve. When you opt to work with those who specialize in fine art storage in Los Angeles you’ll gain peace of mind because:


  • Their facilities are environmentally controlled – Temperature and humidity might not wreak havoc on standard household goods, but they can ruin fine works of art in no time at all. That’s why storage facilities that specialize in works of art offer museum quality storage. This means each storage container is carefully climate controlled and humidity controlled. The end result is the perfect indoor storage for high end items that can easily be damaged in less than ideal conditions.
  • Their facilities are dust free – Dust can damage valuable paintings and other items just as readily as humidity and extreme temperatures. Facilities that offer fine art storage in Los Angeles offer dust-free environments to keep valuables in pristine condition.
  • They deliver on security – Storing costly items far from home can be a frightening prospect. That’s not the case when the facility selected offers topnotch, around-the-clock security. The best companies that provide art storage in L.A. also deliver high-end security to safeguard their clients’ valuables. This includes not only monitoring, but also fire and smoke protection.

Finding the Best

A lot of storage companies offer climate controls, so how can you be sure you’re selecting a facility designed for works of art? It’s fairly simple. Just look for those companies that offer fine art storage in Los Angeles that also happen to specialize in other areas of art transportation, such as crating, shipping and installation. Before making a final decision, be sure to look into a company’s background. The best have been around for decades and have plenty of clients willing to offer recommendations.

Fine art storage in Los Angeles is serious business. Find out why going with a pro matters by visiting us online at