Finding Money for Heating Repair in Phoenix

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Whether you take excellent care of your heating system or not, there will come a time when the system will need to be repaired or replaced. Unless you’ve put money aside for such an event, the expense will be difficult to overcome. If you’re having trouble coming up with the money to pay for Heating Repair Phoenix, here are few ideas for getting the cash fast.

Payday Loans

Also known as cash advances, payday loans are short-term loans due on your next pay date. The company issuing the loan takes a personal check from you for the principal plus interest, and cashes the check on the day you get paid. The interest rates on these loans are high. However, it is a good way to get cash fast to pay for emergencies such as a broken heating unit.


There are couple of ways to finance the heating repairs you need to get your system running again. You can call your credit card company, and see if they will increase the limit on your card. If that doesn’t work, ask the heating repair company if they offer financing through a third-party lender and apply. Some heating repair Phoenix companies even have their own financing terms. Be certain to read the fine print on the contract. Failure to pay can result in a lien being put on your home or other aggressive collection efforts.

Sell Unwanted Items

Go through your garage, closets, and attic, pull out stuff you don’t want, use, or need, and sell them. Not only can you make money fast, you’ll create space in your home. In addition to local consignment shops, you can find numerous places online to sell unwanted items. This includes Craiglist and eBay. Selling items on Craigslist can help you get the money fast. On the other hand, selling on Ebay is more secure and reduces the risk of dealing directly with unstable people.

Once you have the money you need for the repairs, contact a reputable Heating Repair Phoenix company like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc. to fix your system. Although Phoenix is hot during the day, it can get very chilly at night. Do what it takes to ensure you are comfortable in your home.

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