Understanding the Social Security Disability Claims Process

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Lawyer

Filing a SSI claim is just like any other government process. There is a critical difference between failure and success. When you need to file for Supplemental Security Income benefits you need a qualified SSI attorney in NC. Like most other states, North Carolina has many claims filed for this type of disability benefit, and many claims are denied. When an attorney is experienced and familiar with the process of filing for SSI benefits, you stand a better chance of being approved.

SSI Claims Are Based on Your Disability

If you are unable to work on a regular and continuing basis due to an illness, you may be eligible for SSI disability benefits. These types of claims take a very long time to process through the Social Security Administration. The rules and regulations can be complicated, and most times an initial claim is going to be rejected. Some of the most common mistakes that cause claim rejection are forms that are not filled out properly or missing medical records. When a professional law office is involved, forms are filled out right the first time and all medical evidence submitted, which gives you a better chance at getting approved. Another factor is timing. When you are injured and have medical documentation, it is advisable to seek legal advice about filing a disability claim immediately. If you wait too long to file for benefits, you may lose out on your eligibility to receive them. SSI also has technical financial eligibility criteria.  To be technically eligible for SSI benefits, a claimant must have very little to no income and resources.

Presenting a Strong Case

In some cases, especially if you are trying to file for SSI benefits on your own, you may not be able to express how serious your impairments are. A professional attorney is able to address the situation with all of the correct legal terms and within Social Security’s rules and regulations. Even with all of the correct information in place, SSI benefits are hard to get and can take a long time to receive. You do not want to risk having your claim denied because you don’t understand the process of applying for and appealing an SSI disability claim.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney

Most SSI cases are best handled by law firms that have had years of experience working with these kinds of cases. They are knowledgeable about the Social Security disability process and are able to increase the chances of claim approval. When you are ill and dealing with trying to make ends meet without a job, you do not need the added stress of navigating the SSI application and appeals process alone.

Hiring an SSI attorney in NC is a great option that can help secure monthly payments for food, shelter, and medical expenses if you suffer from a disability. Contact The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC today for an experienced attorney and staff that have extensive knowledge on social security disability laws and processes.


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