Finding a Trustworthy Auto Repair Company

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Ever since Corvallis was established it has become a central part of the Willamette Valley and now home to over fifty-five thousand people. The town is home to the Oregon State University, as well as hundreds of national and local businesses serving the community. ‘Cor Vallis’ as the Latin name suggests is better known as the ‘heart of the valley’ and did at one point serve at the State Capital of Oregon until it was dethroned in favor of Salem. This move probably did Corvallis a big favor because it helped it remain communal and town-like, rather than spoil it in favor of a big city mentality—even though Salem escaped that too.

The types of businesses you will find in Corvallis range from every service you could possibly need, but one of the most requested services is auto repair. The trouble with cars is that they tend to wear out, break down and get old. However, the job of fixing them is the responsibility of a trained and professional mechanic. There are various types of auto repair, from body shops to transmission replacements and from general tune-ups to all other manners of auto repair in Corvallis.

How to Trust your Mechanic

You will probably have to do the proverbial ‘kissing a lot of frogs’ before you find a mechanic you know you can trust. Oftentimes it is a question of ethics and honor and some of them will charge too much for a bad job, others will not charge enough for a good job and undersell themselves and others will give you a bunch of spiel about you need this done, that replaced and while they are at it a new such-and-such. It’s hard to know which ones to trust but when you do find one you know is telling you the truth they are worth their weight in salt.

Ask a few questions and if you can get some recommendations from their clients. Give them a test by doing something obvious to see if they spot it and try to oversell you the cure. How they act when they come and check your vehicle is paramount in the way they will be when it comes to treating you the same in the future.

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