Find the Best Professional Engagement Photographer

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

When looking for a professional engagement photographer it is important to find someone who is truly passionate about helping you capture a true moment of love.

Your engagement photos are not just pictures they are memories and you want to be able to look at your memories and be able to feel exactly the way that you did that day. There is a vast selection of beautiful scenery in Chicago for engagement photographers to take advantage of and make the photos even more of a fond thing to look at for years down the road. Taking the time to look for a good engagement photographer will help you in the long run because if you find someone who is enjoyable to work with you could use them for future photos you may need taken such as wedding photos, honeymoon photos or even photos of your kids if that what you are planning for your future as a couple.

Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

Ultimately your engagement photographer’s job is to make sure you, as a couple, are happy with the photos because it is you that is going to want to be able to enjoy them. Here are some ideas you can bring up to your photographer and do not forget to ask for their opinion as well because they are professional and can turn your ideas into something truly amazing.

Integrating hobbies into the photo that you both enjoy- A lot of couples meet doing something they both love or have taken up a hobby or sport to get closer to one another. Integrating the hobby you share will be a fun thing to look back on years from now.

Poses- You want your photo to be in a pose that truly represents the love that both of you share. You could be kissing to show your love or embraced in each others arms; even just looking into one another’s eyes under a sunset could be a beautiful representation of your love.

Dare to be different- Thinking outside the box is a good thing when thinking of ideas for engagement photos. Your photo is all about you and if you are a weird and whacky couple do not be afraid to show it. Run ideas by you engagement photographer and see how he can help you make your ideas work

Find an engagement photographer in Chicago that suits your needs today. Check with online Chicago photographer reviews and listings as well as talk to other couples who have recently had any sort of photography done.