7 Tips to Help You Plan Your Catholic Wedding

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7 Tips to Help You Plan Your Catholic Wedding

Going for a catholic wedding in San Antonio can mean tackling a mountain of details. Use the following tips to help you put a dent on all that planning:

Start with the wedding ceremony

Aside from having a religious wedding ceremony, you’ll need to decide on other details as well. Will it be long and symbolic or short and sweet?

Decide on the date

A lot of wedding venues are often booked months in advance. That’s necessary if you’re picking a date during peak months. To do that, you’ll need to pick a wedding date already. For formal weddings, these are usually held at noon.

Pick a location and officiant

Once you have a date, you’ll want to look for an officiant who can perform the ceremony. Ask around for tips on you could find an officiant for a catholic wedding in San Antonio. Look to friends and family for help. You’ll also want to pick a venue so you and your officiant can start discussing the ceremony in more detail.

Get a list of requirements

While most churches set the same list of marriage requirements, it’s best that you check in with the church you chose. You’ll probably need to get a baptismal certificate—your own and that of your soon-to-be spouse—along with your proof of communion and confirmation, says The Knot.

Ask about intermarriage requirements

If you’re marrying someone who isn’t Catholic, then you’ll probably need to consider checking intermarriage requirements. Is your spouse going to convert? Ask about that as well.

Discuss the structure

You’ll want to talk about those requirements and the ceremony structure with your wedding officiant. Your minister could help you pick readings and blessings for the ceremony too if you need help so ask.

Be clear on dress requirements

You’ll also want to ask your priest about any dress requirements. Do you need to make sure your dress covers your shoulders, for instance? Find out.

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