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by | Oct 14, 2013 | Pest Control

Pest problems come in a wide range of shapes and species, and are often more trouble to get rid of than the average homeowner realizes. While it’s possible in most cases to purchase traps and sprays at their local store to attempt to get rid of them, these methods don’t always work and can often lead to the problem getting worse. This is one of the main reasons hiring a professional company like Metro Pest Control is such an important first step when dealing with any type of pest control related problem. Like many pest control companies, they offer a variety of solutions and services for a wide range of critters whether they’re insect or animal. These critters can enter your home for a variety of reasons, and professional exterminators can help you pin point their entry points as well as advise you in how to prevent future incursions into your home.

One of the main services offered by most companies, is the treatment of your home both indoors and outdoors. An Exterminator in Queens will treat your foundation, walls, windows, doors, and any ventilation to deter insects from venturing into those areas and finding a way inside your home. This treatment is good to prevent infestations like ants, termites, roaches, or even the nastier pests like centipedes and spiders. When it comes to dealing with the indoor areas of the infestation, an exterminator will make every attempt to treat your home like it was their own when finding the infestation and dealing with it. They normally use potent chemicals to get rid of infestations like ants and termites, that can kill not only the insects but any nests they may make. For bedbugs most companies prefer heat treatments. Roaches, spiders, and other insects will normally be deal with using traps and sprays.

An Exterminator in Queens can also treat the inside of your home after they’ve treated the outside, to help further protect your home from intrusion by insects. They can also help you plug up any areas where they can enter the home, such as cracks in walls or foundations, as well as help you with advice on fixing windows and doorways with areas they can enter. Most of the time, insects will enter your home through small cracks or seams in the walls and flooring. These can easily be stopped after treatment by applying foaming or caulking to close them off.

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