Find a Quality Used Car At Knippelmier Chevrolet

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Any one who wants to buy a good used car has to put in some legwork. First, decide how much one is willing to spend for a quality used car. This is important because a car note is a new addition to the monthly bills. A good rule of thumb is that monthly bills should not be more than 36 percent of gross income. Remember, the cost of a car includes insurance, fuel and maintenance. Consequently, how much one can afford to pay will indicate what type of car to look for.

Knippelmier Chevrolet is known for selling quality used cars. The dealership always has great deals on pre-owned cars. What do you look for in a pre-owned car? Look for a reliable model that won’t lose value too quickly. Consumers can check the sales price of a car by using the blue book. This guide tells you what the vehicle should cost. Investigate the car’s gas mileage and safety ratings. Industry experts say the best bet is a three to five year old used car.

The car should be well maintained and should not have a history of being in accidents. There are many online services that allow consumers to investigate a car’s history. Mechanical condition is the most important factor when purchasing a Car in OKC. Minor cosmetic problems are not as important as minor transmission problems. Often, transmission problems can be costly down the road. Likewise, avoid cars with a lot of rust because it is difficult to stop corrosion. In addition, steer away from cars that have a lot of interior wear and tear. Refinishing the interior of a car can be costly. The best bet is to find a car in a certified pre-owned program at a new car dealership. This would be ideal because the dealership may have service records for the vehicle. Buyers should always remember that the best deal may not be the cheapest or flashiest car. The most important thing when buying a used car is finding a well-maintained vehicle within your budget. No one wants to spend all their extra money on car repairs. Visit for more details.

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