Find a Dentist in Red Lion, PA That Can Provide Many Treatment Options

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When people select a Dentist in Red Lion, PA they should make sure that the dental practice provides many different types of services. This will allow them to receive dental treatments for a wide variety of issues in a familiar and trusted environment. For people who are nervous about going to the dentist, having treatments performed in familiar surroundings can greatly reduce stress. Therefore these patients should look for a dental practice that provides preventative care, cosmetic dentistry procedures and emergency procedures such as root canals.

It’s also important that the Dentist in Red Lion, PA be part of a larger practice. The patients at 1447 Dental Associates can then get to know each of the dentists on staff. When one dentist goes on vacation or gets sick, there will be a familiar face to help with any dental problem that can arise. It’s comforting when a patient wakes up with an excruciating toothache that they know the office manager who answers the phone. They immediately know that they are in good hands. When they arrive for their emergency appointment, the dentist will quickly assess their situation. Toothaches are often caused by an infection in the root. If the root is still intact, then he can perform a root canal to save the tooth. Not only will that help the patient eat and speak normally, it will protect the jaw bone as well. When the jaw looses a tooth root, it becomes smaller and less dense in that area.

A root canal treatment Red Lion PA is performed with a strong anesthetic, so it is a painless procedure. The Dentist in Red Lion, PA uses long and thin wires to clean out the infection. Then he packs the area with a medicated temporary filling. When the anesthetic wears off, the pain should be relieved. The infection has been removed and is no longer irritating nearby nerves. In about a week, the patient returns to the dental office so the dentist can confirm that the infection is over. Then he inserts a permanent filling into the root. Usually the upper tooth has to be stabilized with a porcelain crown. The result is a natural looking tooth that will last for decades.


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