Fighting Criminal Convictions With A DUI Lawye in West Hartford

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Connecticut driving laws are conducive to the nation-wide crackdown on drunk driving. The laws afford patrol officers with the authority to arrest drivers under the suspicion of DUI without roadside testing. enforcement possesses the authority to arrest drivers under the suspicion of DUI without roadside testing. Patrol officers possess the authority to arrest drivers under the suspicion of DUI without roadside testing. The officers acquire a blood-alcohol count after the arrest. They perform breathalyzer and blood testing in the medical unit at the county jail. The tests detect alcohol and controlled substances in the bloodstream accurately. Drivers possess the right to hire a DUI Lawyer in West Hartford after testing concludes.

Alternative Sentencing For DUI

Drivers who are convicted of first and second DUI offenses are eligible for an alternative sentence under certain circumstances. This alternative is probation. Judges offer probation when the secondary offense occurs at least six years after the initial conviction. However, extensive stipulations apply upon acceptance of probation. For instance, the judge orders convicted drivers to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages as a term of probation. An officer monitors and enforces this requirement by conducting random alcohol testing.

DUI Charges for Minors

Juvenile-based DUI charges are subject to the full penalty. They receive jail time, fines, and license suspensions. Juveniles acquire probation at the judge’s discretion. Jail sentences for minors are carried out in juvenile facilities. They range from one to three years. The Connecticut laws allow the judge to order license suspension up to the date of the convicted driver’s twenty-first birthday. Juvenile records are sealed at this age and do not apply to further convictions.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide implies that the driver caused a fatality due to avoidable circumstances. Drunk drivers who caused a fatality are subject to the full penalty of the charge under Connecticut law. The jail sentence for this charge ranges from one to ten years.

DUI and vehicular homicide cases are managed by a DUI Lawyer in West Hartford. Attorneys practicing in traffic and criminal law provide legal counsel for juveniles and adults facing these charges. They utilize applicable laws to produce a strong defense case. Michael Chambers, Jr. is a criminal attorney that affords drivers with a fighting chance in these cases.

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