FAQ About Minor Surgeries Performed In-Office

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Health

A Medical Doctor in Wichita, Kansas can do more than diagnose an illness and write prescriptions. Many office also perform minor in-house surgeries. You don’t need a surgeon for a small procedure, such as wart removal. There are many rules and laws about minor surgeries. Your doctor might not be able to perform all of them, while others are licensed to perform more complicated procedures.

What is Minor Surgery?

Minor surgery is any procedure that does not use anesthesia or uses only topical anesthesia. Some minor surgeries use anesthesia, but require higher standards. Any doctor’s office can perform the most basic minor surgeries. Anesthesia, while generally safe, can cause problems. Any doctor or nurse using anesthesia must pass specific safety standards and laws, which is why many doctor’s offices only offer the most basic minor surgery procedures such as biopsies and wart, lesion, and abscess removal.

What are the Levels of Minor Surgery?

Minor surgery has three levels. The first level includes the most basic non-anesthetic or topical anesthetic procedures. Level two uses a small amount of anesthetic and requires patient monitoring after the procedure. The doctor must have an assistant and both must be licenses anesthetists or have qualifications that match the license requirements. Level three minor surgery involves heavy anesthesia that puts you in a deep sleep. Very few doctor’s offices perform level three minor surgery and will instead refer you to a hospital for the procedure. The law requirements for level three are high and the risks are great.

What are the Required Safety Standards?

With level one minor surgery, your doctor can perform the procedure without help. The staff must have CPR licenses. The office must have drugs to treat allergic reactions and other problems that might arise, and oxygen masks. Level two requires the addition of a defibrillator and EKG machine, as well as many more medications on hand. Level three minor surgery requires all that and much more, including alarm systems that keep track of vital signs. Both level two and level three require a plan if something goes wrong that includes who calls an ambulance, what hospital to send you, and what emergency procedure will be performed.

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