Facts About Opossum Removal in Westerville OH

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Wildlife

Opossums are rat-tailed mammals, and are very common in Westerville OH. They live in attics and under houses and have a scavenging behavior. These characteristics make them a pest species. Some of them are very large, weighing up to 20 pounds. They can cause damage to homes and gardens as they gain entry. Other damages caused by Opossums include stealing pet food, infecting pets with diseases, and stealing bird seed. Many people in Westerville OH always wish to have these nuisance animals trapped and removed. Opossum removal in Westerville OH is done by well-trained specialists who understand how to remove them and reduce their damage. Here are a number of facts about Opossum Removal in Westerville OH

Removal should be is done immediately

Opossums cause damage very fast. The longer they stay in your home, the more damage they cause. Removal should be done immediately after the animal is discovered. It is important that the people removing them understand their behavior and the damage they can cause. This will help them trace their movements and trap them. Use of electronic devices is also suitable in removing opossums. The devices are preferred because they are not harmful to humans. Visit Wildlife Control Company for more information.

Opossum Removal is more than just trapping

Experts in Opossum Removal have more assignments besides trapping and removing the animals. They have to repair damaged areas and reconstruct the structures to ensure the animals do not gain entry in future. They also  remove dead animals and other wastes.

Make your garden and home opossum-proof

The first step in fighting opossums is getting rid of unnecessary things like fallen trees, unused cars, and other equipment from the area around your home. This will deny the animals hiding places. The presence of such debris encourages destructive wildlife to come into your home. They also make it hard to remove the animals once they gain entry.

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