Essential information About Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Eau Claire, WI

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Business

Mergers and acquisitions are a significant element in the world of corporate finance. Mergers occur when a business is bought with the intention of joining forces with another business in order to maximize profits and enhance the development of the business. Acquisition, on the other hand, occurs when one business is bought out by another.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Eau Claire, WI are preferred by many investors as they bring about an increase or decrease in stock levels. They are also preferred by many business owners as they can result in positive or negative tax repercussions whenever a business is merged or acquired by another entity.

Although there are numerous reasons why a business is taken over, the major ones revolve around money. Corporate entities are usually interested in acquiring those small businesses that have:

* A large customer database

* Well defined channels of distribution

* Advanced technology

* Outstanding brand identification

* High qualified workers among other factors

Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Eau Claire, WI are advantageous to all parties involved, provided the purchase is friendly. Businesses that take over other entities bring along customers, employees and technologies from the businesses they acquire. In addition, takeovers usually lead to some layoffs including getting rid of the former chief executive officer.

There are many types of mergers; some of the most common include:


This involves one business merging with another entity that manufactures or sells unrelated products. For instance, an automobile manufacturer buys a camera company.

Market Extension Mergers

This involves two businesses that sell similar goods in different markets. It applies to companies that sell product to different territories or abroad.

Product Extension Mergers

This takes places when two business entities that deal in the exact same products in the same market place come together. The aim of such a merger would be to be overcome competition and other challenges involved in the product market.

The main objective of Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Eau Claire WI is to create synergy among companies to raise their overall worth. However, the expected synergy may not work if the two merging businesses have devalued stock and different management styles. In order to realize profits with Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Eau Claire, WI, it is essential to take into account all the intricacies related to these types of arrangement.

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