Ensure Your Home’s Drains Flow Freely With Drain Cleaning New Braunfels

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

While most areas of home maintenance are the responsibility of the homeowner there are some which can concern the lease holder or renter as well. One of these areas is the home’s plumbing and more specifically the drainage system. Of course, many homes and apartments have managers and superintendents whose primary job is to handle these sorts of problems this is not always the case. For example, many rental homes leave these problems for the renter to have fixed and then settle the costs with the owner whenever it is convenient.

If the problem is plumbing related there is usually very little time to wait before the clog or leak must be fixed. With leaking pipes you can often shut off the water flow, but then the home will be without running water until the leak is repaired. If the problem is a clogged drain line then the home may as well not have running water because the clogged lines will cause the water and waste to overflow onto the floors or cabinets. Preventing blockage is often difficult and clogs can come from many areas. For example, children are notorious for stuffing toys or other items into the toilet to watch them disappear. In other cases the lines could just be clogged from years of use. Sludge will build up on the pipe walls and eventually the larger solids can’t pass through.

To reduce the chance of clogging problems any home should have an annual Drain Cleaning New Braunfels. Drain cleaning is a high pressure wash designed to flush the junk and sludge off the sides of the pipe walls. The washer itself is a high pressure hose that can reach all the various angles in your plumbing system and the high powered water flushes the waste soils into the sewage system.

Along with Drain Cleaning New Braunfels your plumber may suggest you have a rooter performed on the drain lines. Using a rooter to ensure no solid clogs are in the line and a video scan to ensure there are no breaks in the system can avoid any problems that a high pressure jet of water might cause in old plumbing.