Enhance Your Security with Pathway Landscape Lighting

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Enhance Your Security with Pathway Landscape Lighting

If your property is dark at night, you run the risk of several types of danger. Even if you put plenty of lighting close to the house, you never know who or what waits lurking in the shadows. With the right kind of pathway landscape lighting, you can increase your home or business security and here are some tips to help you get started.

Height is Essential to Security

It is important to make sure your fixtures are the right height from the ground. If you mount the fixtures too low (or choose fixtures which are too short), you cannot get proper illumination. On the other hand, fixtures which are too tall diffuse your light and make it hard for people to see where they are going, especially if the light is in their eyes. The best pathway landscape lighting is about 12 to 14 inches high and aims downward. This provides sufficient light to see, and it does not diffuse over an area.

Define Your Path

To make sure everyone knows where the path is, put lights along the edges. However, it is a good idea to place them about a foot from the edge. This provides enough light to illuminate your path.

Avoid Cheap Fixtures

When it comes to pathway landscape lighting, you always get what you pay for. If you get cheap lights, chances are you have to deal with corrosion issues within a few years. Also, quality lights give you superior lighting, and they look better too.

Save Money with LED

Do you want to change bulbs often? If not, consider the many benefits of installing LED light fixtures for your outdoor lighting needs. Modern LED bulbs provide plenty of bright light, and you can also buy bulbs designed for highlighting. The initial cost is greater, but they are an excellent long-term investment.

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