DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV Can Help You if You Face a DWI Charge

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

If you have been charged with a DWI, then it is mandatory for you to hire an attorney who is experienced in defending DWI charges. Never go through this process by yourself. The problem is easy to define; you are up against an experienced prosecuting attorney; scientific terms you do not understand; and you have no knowledge of the court’s procedures. The effects of a DWI conviction are long lasting. Why would you not want to reduce or even eliminate the DWI charge altogether?

People who are unfamiliar with courts and DWI laws have no knowledge of the procedures that must apply to your case. DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV do, and in fact, their experience with DWI cases has provided them with knowledge of the law that the arresting officer, the prosecutor and the judge must follow. A DWI attorney most likely has a working relationship with the prosecutor which will help if there is a possibility of getting the charge reduced.

More importantly, the DWI attorney will know what questions to ask about the methods used to produce the evidence. It would not be the first time that mistakes were made in processing blood tests. The Breathalyzer may not have been calibrated recently, and if it wasn’t then the results of your test may be thrown out. There are many procedural matters known to DWI Attorneys in Charles Town, WV that will help you by getting the charge dismissed or reduced.

A DWI conviction becomes a matter of public record, and it also can show up on your credit report. Surely any employment opportunity you pursue will learn about this in a background check. Most responsible employers will shy away from a candidate with a DWI on their driving record. It is considered by many employers to be an irresponsible act that will carry forward into more DWIs. A DWI will also raise your car insurance rates beyond what you could ever imagine. Many home insurance companies will put you into a high risk category, and they will increase your rates. DWI Attorneys in Charles Town WV can help you deal with all of the risks of a DWI.

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