Dry Erase Paint Application Tips

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Dry Erase Paint Application Tips

With dry erase paint, you can quickly and easily convert any wall or door surface into a whiteboard. This is particularly suited for children’s rooms and home offices. If done in the right way, this paint turns a wall into a writeable and easy to erase surface within a few hours. The paint may be used on concrete, wooden, marionette or metallic surfaces. The paint may be used on new surfaces, after the initial priming, or on already painted walls. After curing, the surfaces may be used to write on and draw diagrams, leave messages, create artistic works or record recipes. The following tips will help you come up with a perfect whiteboard using this paint

Ventilate the Room

Most of these paints have a certain level of odor. Therefore, you should ventilate the room prior to applying the paint. You can achieve this by opening the doors and windows in the house or using a fan in a bid to bring in fresh air from the outside. Additionally, you should keep the room temperature between 50 and 90 degrees while applying the paint.

Determine the Surface Area of the Surface to Be Painted

Before applying the paint, you should ascertain the surface area of the region to be painted. You should then mark the area with a pencil, but not a pen. You should then wash the area and allow it to dry completely, before you can apply the paint. If you have to sand the region to level it, you should wear Protective clothing, such as safety glasses and a gas mask.

Use Disposable Tools

Owing to the limited time while working with this paint, you should work with disposable tools. This is mainly because you will not have the time to clean the tools. For smaller surfaces, you should use small disposable foam roller kits. These are cheap and readily available throughout the country. Once mixed, the dry erase paint is supposed to be applied within one and two hours. Therefore, you should plan effectively to have the paint applied with one hour, after mixing. Alternatively, you can mix small portions at a time at a ratio of 8 ounces of part A to 19 ounces of part B.

Saturate the Foam Roller.

If you are using a foam roller to apply this paint, you should ensure that it is well saturated. This will ensure that you do not get tiny bubbles within the paint finish. To effectively saturate the foam roller, you should roll it back and forth until it is completely wet.

Rather than buying a whiteboard for your kids or buying one for your artistic drawings, you should just create one, of your preferred size on your wall or door. This is more convenient and cost effective.

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