Dream home possible

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

The trend to build a house from the ground up, to customize and make it a reflection of the buyer, has jumped recently. More people are wanting a say in not only the building process, but what the interior looks like as well. The cookie cutter homes just aren’t cutting it for some anymore. Due to this upswing in involvement, interior design firms have been busier than ever. For one Construction Company in Naples FL, combining construction and design takes the business to a new level. Having everything in one place can make the very stressful process a little bit easier on the buyer or builder.

EBL Interiors is a Construction Company in Naples FL that helps the process from first thought of how a dream home would look to the day the keys are passed on. When customizing a dream home, luxury is a key word that is often used. Luxury can apply the feel and the look of things. It can come from anywhere. From the floors, to the bathroom, even the appliances can all scream it. In decorating one thing that isn’t thought about too prominently is the doors in a home. Doors can take a house from drab to beautiful. If there’s ever a time that guests are over and the doors need to be shut to certain rooms, it can still be beautiful without putting the whole house on display.

Another way to upgrade and give a room a whole new feel is art panels. Taking a picture and putting on canvas to put in a room has been common. But art panels take it to a whole new level. When doing one they can customize the color and size of the picture. It can take up a whole wall in a living room or decorate a hallway, even use it as an elaborate headboard in a master suite. They can be done indoor and outdoor and take a room from beautiful to beyond amazing. It would also be a good way to customize a home that’s been built already and turning into something personal without a mass redecoration. Home improvement changes are endless. Take the time to visit a show room and see what appeals and would look good in the dream home that’s been imagined. Anything imagined can be done.

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