Dormers & Extensions Can Bring Much Need Space To Your Home

November, 2013 by

Finding the maximum amount of space in our homes is very important, as maximizing your floor space is key to living as comfortably as you possibly can. If you are looking for a way to remodel your attic space to give your second floor a lot more headroom, than adding nice looking Dormers & Extensions can be exactly what you are looking to do. If you happen to live in a home with a smaller upstairs, say a one and a half story home, you may find it a little uncomfortable trying to do much upstairs. With the second floor bathroom and bedrooms usually being tucked under the roof, it is really hard to do much up there. Adding a dormer or extension can really allow you to maximize your available space and allow you to have a much more comfortable bathroom or bedroom.

A dormer will give your home a little extra square feet that will go a long way towards allowing a room to look better or become more functional. There are many different types of dormers that can be installed in your home to maximize its look and feel. A simple dog house dormer will provide your upstairs living space with a little extra light and some extra space. It gets its name from the simple fact that it looks like a dog house on top of your home. Another type of dormer that you can install in your home is the shed dormer. This type of dormer will allow you to fully maximize your available floor space that is on your top level. It gets it name because, like the dog house dormer, it looks like a shed has been placed on your home. Dormers are an easy way to get the most out of your limited square footage.

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