Does Your Car Run Away With You?

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Far too many of us share the experience of happily driving along the road in, say, Louisville, KY when, suddenly, we need to come to a quick halt. We push down on the brake pedal and it does not seem to be slowing us down quickly enough. Hopefully, we do stop in time but something is obviously wrong with our brakes and we need to find somebody for Brake Repair Louisville, KY. But, is it even possible to repair brakes? Should we not be considering fixing or replacing brakes? I suppose that depends on what we really mean by brake repair?

Automotive Brakes

We bring our automobiles to a safe halt by utilising applied friction. Ignoring some “high-tech” systems developed on the racing circuits, there are two basic ways that we obtain the stopping friction. In one, a sort of hollow drum is attached to the wheel close to its drive shaft and then curved “shoes” faced on the outer edge with a high friction material are placed inside the drum. These shoes can then be forced outwards into contact with the inside of the drum with sufficient force to stop the drum (and hence the wheel) from rotating.

The other way is to attach disks at the center of the wheel and then place friction pads either side of the disks. When un-activated, the wheel rotates freely but, once force has been applied to the pads so as to force them to clamp tightly against the disks, the wheel comes to a halt. In both cases, the force applied to activate the friction device is usually provided by a simple hydraulic system which is activated by depressing the brake-pedal.

What Can Go Wrong?

Expert providers of Brake Repair in Louisville, KY know that it is rarely possible to repair failed brakes since the problem usually lies in parts worn out beyond repair. It could be that the hydraulic activating fluid has leaked out and air has been sucked into the system? It might be that some of the linkage parts between your foot on the pedal and the movable friction material have seized up? Or, maybe you have used your brakes so many times that you have worn off all the friction material? Whatever the cause, replacement is usually the solution that will be recommended by anyone providing Brake Repair in Louisville, KY.

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