Do You Still Vape On Disposables?

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Shopping

If you are a confirmed vaper, chances are you have already made the switch to using an e-cigarette with liquid refill capabilities. If not, it’s time to ditch the disposables and take on a more refined, upscale way of enjoying vaping.

The Art Of Vaping

Vaping is the drawing of (usually) flavored vapor out of an electronic cigarette.  Liquid inside the device’s cartomizer is vaporized into steam when the atomizer is heated from battery power. This process happens when suction is applied at the tip of the device.

E-cigs were originally introduced in China as a method of weaning smokers away from tobacco products by enabling them to get their “hit” of nicotine without burning any tobacco. Tobacco itself is not the most harmful thing to a smoker or people nearby, but the large amount of different chemicals that are present in the smoke is what is the most detrimental to human health. The nicotine in the tobacco is the addictive chemical that drives most people to want to smoke more. If a device like an e-cig can provide nicotine without burning tobacco, the vaper can slowly cut down on the percentage of nicotine in the vapor and then possibly give up on it altogether.

Longer-lasting e-cigs

E-cigs have become product in their own right and people are vaping because they like to; not just because they want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.  In the early days of electronic cigarettes, they were made to a size and shape that resembled “real” cigarettes. These could be switched off when not actually vaping but their batteries had a limited life and the amount of fluid to vaporize (the e-juice) was quite small. When one or the other was exhausted, the e-cig had to be thrown away. E-cigarette liquid refill and rechargeable/replaceable batteries became available to dedicated vapers who did not want to continue to accumulate so much wasteful material.

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