Did a Distracted Driver Cause a Crash? Call an Auto Accidents Lawyer in South Bay CA

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When behind the wheel, a person’s eyes and mind should be exclusively focused on the road ahead. This is crucial because distractions increase the likelihood of an accident by three times or more. Most people recognize and try to avoid risky behaviors such as cell phone use, but fewer recognize the most common distraction: interacting with passengers. Roughhousing, conversation and other behaviors can be very distracting and must be minimized. Below are a few tips to reduce passenger-related distractions and stay safe on the road.

Designate Someone to Help Minimize Distractions

Vehicle passengers don’t always have to be a liability and a distraction; they can be a tremendous help. A passenger can be a designated navigator or copilot, and they can manage in-car devices so the driver can pay attention to the road.

Limit Emotional or Loud Conversations While Driving

Emotionally charged and loud conversations are better left for a time when one can devote their undivided attention to the conversation. While it is okay to talk to passengers, it should only be done if it doesn’t take the driver’s attention from the road. In fact, an Auto Accidents Lawyer in South Bay CA would likely advise against conversing while driving in inclement weather and other risky conditions.

Minimize Passenger Numbers When Possible

The fewer people are in the car, the less distraction there will be, especially for teenaged drivers. It is best to reduce the number of passengers a teen can carry for the first several years they’re on the road.

Pull Over to Attend to Children’s Needs

If there are children in the car, they may need special care at times. While the situation may be pressing, be sure to safely pull over before dealing with it. After all, one doesn’t want to risk the little ones’ lives in a distraction-related accident.

Tell Passengers to Stop

It’s perfectly acceptable to tell passengers when they’re causing a distraction and to ask them to stop. It is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to minimize distractions, and letting passengers know that certain behaviors won’t be tolerated is a great place to start.

If someone is in an accident caused by another person’s distracted driving, they may, with the help of an Auto Accidents Lawyer in South Bay CA, be able to gain compensation for their losses. Click here for more information or call Shook & Associates Inc to request a consultation.

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