Diagnosing and Understanding Hand Surgery in Houston, TX

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Health Care

At some point in your life, you may have sustained an injury of some sort. Perhaps you played sports in high school and broke a bone, or maybe you are a gardener and your back and knees ache from bending over your garden. One injury that became prevalent with the advent of computers is carpal tunnel syndrome. This leads to injuries to your wrist, hand and fingers. Whatever your ailment, seeking treatment for these injuries can help ease your pain and allow you to continue an active lifestyle.

Experts in the field of orthopedics have many treatment options available to you. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may require anything from physical therapy to surgery. If it comes to surgery on your wrist, hand or fingers, there are many experts in Hand Surgery in Houston, TX. Surgery on the hands requires precision skill as there are many bones and layers that comprise the hand and wrist. Since the wrist controls the positioning of the hand, it is important to understand each layer. Depending on which layer of the hand or wrist your injury occurs means the difference between rehabilitative options, such as physical therapy, or surgery.

Injuries to the hand can range from fractures to torn or strained tendons. Before you try to self-diagnose your injury, it is best to seek the expert opinion of a doctor. You can find many Hand Surgery Experts in Houston who have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose your injury. They will first assess your hand based on some of the following criteria: Are your fingers or hands pale, blue or cold? Is your finger, hand or wrist swollen? Do you hear a grinding sound in your wrist? Do you have numbness or tingling in your hand or wrist? Answers to these and other questions may lead to an x-ray and possibly to surgery. Be honest when answering these questions as you want to ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible.

If you are seeking experts in Hand Surgery in Houston, TX, be sure to come to the appointment armed with your own questions, as well as answers to questions the surgeon may ask. Doctors specialize in different parts of the body, so you want to be sure to locate the right doctor for your hand injury. Visit their website

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